Limited Edition Nutty Cup Cookies + Mini Cookie Pies!


Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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Is there anything better than a peanut butter cup? 

How about one a delectable handcrafted nutty cup made with Belgian chocolate and gooey peanut and almond butter by Jessie's Nutty Cups? 

This collaboration is 6 years in the making and we are thrilled to bring you not just one but two limited edition Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookies featuring Jessie's Nutty Cups! 

First up we have our soft and chewy chocolate cookies filled with Jessie's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Nutty Cups (Susan's personal favorite!).  This is 4oz cookie is made for the chocolate and peanut butter lover in your life.  Nutty Cups are swirled throughout the dough and topped with extra Nutty Cups to make sure you get a little nutty in each bite.   Sold as a box of 6 - 4oz cookies.

Second - we've taken our brown sugar pumpkin cookie and turned it into a cookie pie loaded with Jessie's Milk Almond Butter Cups.  This cookie pie has not only has pieces of nutty almond cup swirled within the dough, we stick half of an entire cup inside the center! On top you'll find some candied almonds to round out the almond flavor and give a little extra crunch.  Not sure about the combination of pumpkin, chocolate and almond? We promise, it's a winner!  Sold as a box of 4 - 4oz mini cookie pies. 

Can't decide, choose the combo box! 

Allergen information - both cookies container either peanuts or almonds. 

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