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Earlier in May the Little Red Kitchen team completed their biggest order ever - over 15000 cookies and baked too many cookies! We've been keeping them fresh in our freezer (pro-tip if you order cookies and don't plan on eating them all at once, you can keep them fresh in the freezer!) and now our over-stock is your gain!

We have some familiar faces and a varied version on one of our summer classics for this sale. All boxes will be mixed boxes, unless you are specifically requesting an all gluten free or an all vegan box.  Please make sure to request at check out in your cart page or send us a message.

A few things to note, all cookies are individually wrapped.  Except for Sprinkle and the very few S'mores cookies everything is gluten free.  Do not fret, we've used oat flour and the cookies are delicious and you would not be able to tell if it's gluten free or not. If you've been waiting for another vegan flavor, now it your chance - our surplus cookie is gluten free and vegan (and delicious!).

Ready to hear your choices. . .drum roll please. . . .


Blueberries and Cream (gf/v)

Chocolate Chip (gf)

Double Chocolate Chip (gf)