About Little Red Kitchen

Have you ever seen someone sad with a cookie in their hand?

I didn’t think so.

Cookies make people happy. Happy people make this world a better place and we like to help make your day a little happier and sweeter.

The Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop was created by Susan Palmer in 2014, a native New Yorker who always had a passion for baking. Since she was a small child, you could find her side by side with her mom in the kitchen baking. . . you guessed it cookies! Soon enough Susan moved on from back of the chocolate chip cookie bag recipes to her own creations and eventually winning the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown in 2011 and 2012. Spurred by her love of baking and the quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie this shop was born.

Today she creates those favorite cookies we all grew up with the finest ingredients and never any preservatives. Susan is also an in-demand recipe developer, food stylist and photographer and can be found sharing stories and recipes over at her blog The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen.