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We're super pumped to introduce you to an extra special, limited edition product- Troop Little Red Kitchen!

We've taken some classic cookies we all know and love, and given them a unique twist that's perfect for savoring, sharing, and enjoying. And just in case the name didn't already give it away, the flavors and names of these cookies are truly inspired!

Fat Mints - Need we say more? These chocolate sable cookies are infused with organic mint extract and then coated in rich Belgian dark chocolate, with an extra pop of mint in every bite. Caramel Lovelies - Buttery shortbread, dipped and topped in luscious dark chocolate, topped again with toasted coconut and a decadent dulce chocolate and toasted coconut ganache. And last but definitely not least, the Come with Me's - Shortbread rounds filled with creamy maple peanut butter and covered in a luxurious shell of Belgian dark chocolate. Basically, heaven in every bite for chocolate and peanut butter enthusiasts

We are accepting pre-orders for this very special cookie selection and will be shipping the week of March 26th to arrive in time for Easter!

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