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**When Signing Up, Please Inform us of any Allergens (Peanut, Tree Nut or Gluten).

Shipping notice - new subscriptions are shipped within a few days of your first order, unless otherwise specified.  

Recurring monthly shipments after the first shipment are sent at the end of every month. Generally we ship between the 25th and 30th/31st of each month.  

About Our Cookie of the Month Club

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop offers a fantastic cookie of the month subscription box that will mail delicious surprises to your door. Your cookie subscription will be shipped fresh from our ovens within 5-7 business days of signing up. Renewals are shipped on the 25th and 30th of each month. You’ll be receiving a surprise box of the Baker’s Choice Cookie of the Month. The options are endless! So buckle in, prepare for seasonal flavors, and we’ll blow you away with creative and innovative recipes that are a little slice of heaven.

Our cookie of the month club includes assorted varieties that will wow you! Enjoy monthly cookie boxes that include flavors like chocolate chip, molasses spice, and double chocolate peppermint, monster cookie pies, or other brand new surprise cookie flavors. Little Red Kitchen is different from most cookie subscriptions since we offer fun treats in our subscription boxes from our Cookie of the Month Club that you won’t find anywhere else! Enjoy surprises like thick caramel snickerdoodle cookie pies and seasonal flavors that are a perfect way to welcome each month with a delicious treat.

Why We're the Best Cookie of the Month Club

We’re called the best Cookie of the Month Club by our loyal customers. Our reviews claim our excellent customer service is second only to the deliciousness of our cookies! Other people look forward to their shipment every month knowing they’re getting dependable and mouth watering treats. People are pleased that our cookies are always well packaged and arrive intact to protect the great variety of flavors. 

Some of our customers use the Cookie of the Month Club when they’re in a pinch and don’t know what gift to get for a loved one, but we’ll discuss why they’re the perfect gift a bit later! With Little Red Kitchen in their corner every gift becomes a knockout where people won’t be able to get enough. The best tip our customers suggest is to gently heat the cookies in the microwave for 10 seconds for a warm, soft, and chewy treat. Others enjoy saving their Cookie of the Month for a family movie night treat. Try making Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop’s Cookie of the Month Club a new tradition in your home! 

What Flavors Come in a Cookie of the Month Package?

One of the things that makes our cookie subscription boxes so special is that we send surprise flavors to your door. This can help you discover your new favorite treat or enjoy seasonal flavors as the months change. Let’s walk through some past flavors we’ve seen that may surprise you.

The Winter Holiday Box was a taste of holiday joy which featured chocolate chip, molasses spice and double chocolate peppermint. This was a delicious way to welcome a snowy season and paired perfectly with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Our way to welcome the new year was a large caramel snickerdoodle cookie pie. This treat could be cut into delicious slices for a sweet and salty sensation that satisfied your dessert cravings. If you like thick cookies, this is the treat for you!

When love was in the air, we sent out our Chocolate Love Cookie of the Month subscription boxes which included chocolate chip, s’mores, and triple chocolate classics. This was the perfect monthly surprise to share with a special someone. 

Sign up for Little Red Kitchen’s Cookie of the Month Club now to see what exciting selection of goodies we’ll have in the future! You won’t want to miss out on our exciting flavors and delectable treats.

Why Cookie of the Month Subscriptions Make the Best Gifts

Some people are stressful to buy gifts for, so let Little Red Kitchen help with our Cookie of the Month Club to make shopping for holidays and birthdays easy! Our Cookie Subscription boxes always cause smiling faces when they open the packaging to see a special treat. The thrill of seeing what the new flavor is each month is a way to add excitement so as the seasons change, there’s a fun way to welcome each month. 

A Cookie of the Month subscription is a great way to stand out since your present will last for a minimum of three months at a time. Not only will your gift cause joy, but it will stay with the person much longer than most other gifts. They’ll be reminded of you every time a new delivery arrives and that spark of happiness will be all thanks to you and our Cookie of the Month Club.

Popularity Of Our Cookie of the Month Club

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop has always had rave reviews! This includes our press releases and appearances on popular TV shows where people just can’t get enough. You might have seen us in Forbes for our Valentine Day Gift Box which was featured with the top bakeries for non-chocolate gifts for a special someone. We’ve been featured on Perishable News after we took home two Sofi™ 2020 Awards for the Elvis Cookie Pie and our Monster Cookie Pie selection. Of course, we were delighted to be invited to appear on The Today Show where we got to show our Cookie of the Month Club to the world. With our loyal customer support, we look forward to many appearances to come in the future! 

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