Award Winning Cookie Box


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Bake some noise, because our Molasses Spice Cookies have just been crowned 2024 Product of the Year-Food by the Specialty Food Association! Our cookies rose to the occasion at the Summer Fancy Food Show, scoring high on taste, texture, and aroma.


This award, as we mix into our 10th business year, is the icing on the cake for the dedicated Little Red Kitchen team.

Get ready for a taste adventure! Our Molasses Spice Cookies are waiting for you to take a bite! But that's not all, we've assembled an extraordinary box bursting with our sofi award-winning goodies! Yes, you heard it right! Our Monster and Elvis Cookie Pies, the 2020 winners, are part of the delicious line-up!

Choose from Molasses Spice Cookies + Monster and Elvis Minis or molasses spice and full cookie pies!

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